Luxurious exotic holidays take centre stage

The urge to move away from the familiar to the exciting and exotic is something that most of us seem to have been born with. It is indeed incredible how even a vacation of a couple of days seems to drain away all exhaustion from our minds and souls.

And catering to this craving for travel and tourism is a highly entrenched hospitality industry that has come of age in India. How well the sector is placed can be gauged from the fact that it is easily able to deliver on the ultimate dream vacation – a luxurious exotic holiday.

There are well over 40 different high-end luxury destinations complete with high end facilities, resorts, deluxe accommodation and up market infrastructure, providing for all that you need to satiate yourself with – local travel, tasting the finest cuisines, fun & frolic, adventure and sports, and of course, nightlife and cultural entertainment. You name it they have it.

There are travel agencies besides government authorities taking care of every whim and fancy, big and small – of your wildest travel dream. There is even a steep climb in the number of women travellers. What with so many women travelling in India, there are adequate schemes, packages and safeguards in place to ensure that the ladies out for unwinding are well taken care of. Special provisions have been made by the government for safety of women travelers in India.

Treat and spoil yourself to no end

An avid traveller can enjoy luxury travels at several exciting destinations around the world.  You can rather head on to far off Costa Rica and get to stay in jungle villas and beach resorts for about US$ 110 a day. There are some resorts not just in this Caribbean destination but in almost all locations around the globe with breathtaking views. You get to have resorts with private pools and walk around overlooking stunning visuals.

Beach holiday, hills, adventure, health, sports, pilgrimages and even medical tourism, all are covered. Australia, Brazil, Canada, Columbia, Costa Rica, Denmark and the rest of Europe, South Africa, and nearer home Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Fiji, Maldives, etc. form just a few of the popular overseas attractions.

All agencies without exception offer packages exclusively for women travelling in India with irresistible deals. That’s the reason a surge is seen in recent years in women travelers to India.

Goa, Kerala, Rajasthan, Sikkim, Ladakh, Uttrakhand, Kumaon, Himachal, etc are the spots vying with each other for the attention of the avid tourists from around the globe. You can combine a beach holiday with water sports and stay in royal style in palace like heritage hotels. Or luxuriate in the lap of nature and soak in Mother Nature’s bounty. You can travel on “Palace on Wheels” train and get the feel of royalty of the yesteryears during your luxurious exotic holiday.

You can afford yourself an ayurvedic massage or spend time at the spas also. There are plenty of such facilities in Kerala, India.


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